Monday, 31 March 2014

How V.V. Mineral helps give a better life and future to its workers?

V.V. Mineral is India’s premier heavy mineral mining company. Established in 1989, it has gradually but always been growing in its annual performances. The company owes thanks to its remarkable work force for this achievement. In order to keep the customers and industry needs satisfied, V.V. Mineral ensures all necessary provisions are made, from the clients end and also the internal functioning of the company.  

All the employees working for V.V. Mineral India undergo extensive skill training, so as to ensure best quality work is put in to get the best quality product result. The company aspires to be the number one heavy mineral exporter in the world, currently it ranks number two globally. 

The people working in V.V. Mineral, whether from Tamil Nadu or no are provided with free accommodation. They get subsidized meals at just 15 to 20 rupees a day. They have refreshing recreational and events, like sports, safety training, team building and many others. 

They also get medical facilities that are beneficial to them as well as their families for any kind of minor illness to super specialties. Annually, every employee is entitled to one free medical checkup. In addition to that, they are provided with free medical insurance for themselves as well as family. In this facility they have 16 hospitals that they can avail free cash-less medical support. If any medical aid needs to be paid for, then they are re-imbursed by the company.

The objective is to keep the employees healthy, happy and motivated so that they can provide better service to the company.