VVTi Pigments Investment In Rutile Plant

VV Titanium Pigments, a part of VV Group that is investing Rs 100 crore to upgrade its operations into a coated rutile plant, owing to growing demand. With such an expansion, the company is expected to provide direct employment to more than 200 people and also indirectly benefit more than 5,000 individuals.

The heavy mineral mining company has in the past helped in generating employment for those around Tamil Nadu’s coastline, thereby increasing the standard of living of the fishermen in the area.

Garnet mineral is abundantly found on the Gulf of Mannar, hence, garnet mining and processing industries provide ample job opportunities for the fishermen and their family throughout the year. VV Minerals is the company that is taking the initiative in the generation of alternate employement in the district of Tuticorin.

The organization is one among the elite heavy mineral mining companies around the globe. It is a family grown business and the organization is owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. They have been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. They also undertake Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining.

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