Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Local Industry Rendered Jobless Due To Ban On Mining, Says VV Mineral V Subramanian

http://www.pinterest.com/vvmineralsindiaThe local industry has laid off many due to the ban on beach mineral mining in Tamil Nadu. The ban was imposed in August 2013 and has seriously affected the lifestyle of locals causing a loss to the exchequer.

"The local industry is nearly without job as a result of the ban that was effected in August last year. It has rendered joblessness to around 50,000 people including 15,000 of ours," V V Mineral's Managing Partner VV Mineral V Subramanian said. "The country is loosing forex amounting to at least Rs 10,000 crore a year," he claimed.

VV Mineral, a beach mining company founded in late 1980s, is country’s largest mining, manufacturer and exporter of garnet and ilmenite.

The ban resulted from complaints of illegal mining has affected nearly five coastal districts. An inquiry commission has been set up to look into the matter.

Beach mining from mineral sands is found only in coastal states such as Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra. Sands contain minerals such as garnet, ilmenite, rutile, zircon and sillimanite which are used in varied areas such as aircraft and paper industries.

VV Minerals accounts to about 75% of beach mineral mining activity in the state of Tamil Nadu. The state itself contributes to around 85% of the country’s total exports of 6.5 lakh tonnes of garnet.

VV Mineral V Subramanian explains that the current state of beach mining is relenishable. “In the absence of mining, such minerals are being carried away by sea waves and as a result, Sri Lanka, located further down, is reaping rich benefit at the cost of Indian industry. The ban on mining is impacting Indian firms' reputation as trusted partners with customers overseas. It is causing an annual loss of around Rs 300 crore to the state exchequer as well," he said.

The reopening of the mines could attract some few hundred crore of investment in the sector in Tamil Nadu, he said, adding his own company is likely to invest Rs 300 crore for enhancing capacity of value addition in the existing facility.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Two Writ Petitions Filed, Says VV Mineral Mining


S Vaikundarajan established VV Minerals India, a beach sand mining company, in late 1980s. For the last two decades, the company has been operating under the leadership of Vaikundarajan and gone on to become the top company in the sector.

VV Mineral Mining extracts garnet and ilmenite to over 20 countries. The company’s claim of lack in technology in separating thorium from monazite was recently confirmed by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).

The company released a statement that it doesn’t process monazite that is automatically generate during the mineral separation process. However, former Former principal scientist at Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Kochi raised his concerns stating, ““Indian Rare Earth Ltd (IREL), Manavalakurichi, uses the sand from the same area and produces thorium, so what happens to the monazite in the VV mines? Does the company follow the procedure recommended by the AERB?” Rajendra Ratnoo, District Collector of Kanyakumari, added to the allegations that VV Minerals has been mining without proper regulatory clearance.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan addressed the question head on by assuring that the company has always carried out all operations within legal boundaries. “We have established a mineral separation plant and approached the AERB for a license, which is awaited,” he said while rubbishing the grouses set up by IREL officials. He further stated that IREL has been illegally mining in VV Mineral’s land and indulged in questionable practices. “No authority is ready to take action based on our complaint. Hence we approached the High Court,” said VV Mineral Vaikundarajan.

Following the allegations, the sand mining activities have been temporarily suspended. VV Minerals has filed two writ petitions on the matter that are pending with the Madras High Court. Meanwhile, VV Mineral Mining assures that the investigating committee’s report will come out in favor of the company.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

VV Minerals India Explains What New Rules For Atomic Minerals Will Mean For The Industry

 The new mining laws have put private rare earth mineral sector in an uncertain position. With the industry raising their concern against the law, the Centre has decided to come out with rules governing leases of atomic minerals. VV Mineral Mining is India’s largest garnet miner and exporter. “These minerals are used in ceramic and higher technology items. The origin of these minerals is traced to Western Ghats,” informs VV Minerals India.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

VV Mineral V Subramanian Speaks On VV Titanium Pigment’s 100 Crore Investment In Coated Rutile Plant


VV Titanium Pigments will invest Rs 100 Crore for its expansion strategy into a Coated Rutile Plant. As a private entity, this will be the largest investment made for meeting the demand of Indian Tio2 consumers.

The Coated Rutile Plant is expected to be functional by the 1st quarter of 2016. Back in 2014, VVTi had successfully launched Basic Rutile.

“The plant will be built using German technology that will allow less dependency on water and thus saving almost 1/3 expenses as compared to similar plan. It is expected to employ over 200 people and indirectly benefit more than 5000 people,” said VV Mineral Vaikundarajan. This is the next big project under VV group after acquiring Kilburn Chemicals.

The plant will cater to Indian market benefiting the paints and plastic industry that has depended on exports from China, Japan and other western countries. The demand of TiO2 is said to be around 300000 mtpa whereas the country produces only 60000 mtpa.

Managing Director of VV Group of Companies, VV Mineral V Subramanian said, “We are excited about announcing the Coated Rutile Plant project and commercial production of base rutile TiO2 which will bridge the demand supply gap faced by our country. We are positive about the value proposition once the new coated rutile plant is functional as this is ‘Made in India’ catering to Indian market. We are confident that the new German energy-efficient technology would help develop a zero-waste manufacturing facility, a first of its kind in India.”

Friday, 6 November 2015

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Stays Affirmative Despite Setback On Illegal Beach Mining Case

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has been accused of amassing assets and pecuniary resources between 2009 and 2011.  The petition was dismissed citing that the petitioners failed to produce adequate documents. VV Mineral  Vaikundarajan loyalists were not happy with the verdict and stood firm by their leader. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All Allegations Of Illegal Beach Mining Aganist VV Minerals India Are Baseless

https://www.facebook.com/vvmineralminingIn Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district, a coastal village named Viapar is troubled by heavy beach erosion. The corrosion issues are said to have occurred from illegal beach mining across the region.

In what have been unsupported allegations, VV mineral has been held responsible for this catastrophe. It has also been alleged that the 20 year old company has encroached 30 hectares of government land and other mining lease violations.

The founder of the company, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan, has been unfairly accused of using political connections to influence the transfer of district collector, Ashish Kumar, during his inquiry stint.

VV Minerals India quoted to NDTV, “These allegations made by the former district collector are baseless, motivated and vague.”

V Sundaram, first District Collector, wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary of the state in January 2013 accusing VV Minerals of illegal mining worth over Rs. 96,000 crores. The letter also accused state government departments of favoring VV Minerals. “The mining lease was given to them within 72 days, while the other companies are still waiting for permission,” the letter stated.

In the wake of this turmoil, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has stood firm by his company calling the allegations as a conspiracy by his business rivals.

Ravindram Duraiswami, an advocate of the company quoted to NDTV, "Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival. Our hands are clear. We will come out clear from these allegations. Our records are straight.”

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

VV Mineral Files Two Writ Petitions, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Stays Positive

For over two decades, VV Minerals India, a beach sand mining company, has been operating under the leadership of its founder, S Vaikundarajan. Recently, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) confirmed the lack in technology to separate thorium from monazite, earlier expressed by the company.

Friday, 9 October 2015

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Affirms That His Company’s Records Are Straight

In Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district, Viapar is a coastal village haunted by heavy beach erosion. The erosion issues have transpired to neighboring villages as well. The reason for this issue has been alleged to be the illegal beach mining across the region.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Illegal Mining Allegations Is A Ploy By Business Rivals, Says VV Mineral India

Haunted by heavy beach erosion due to illegal beach mining across the region, Viapar is a coastal village in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. The erosion issues have transpired to neighboring villages as well.

VV Minerals India has been held responsible for this catastrophe through several allegations that have surfaced over the time. A report suggests that the company encroached 30 hectares of government land and other mining lease violations.

Ashish kumar, district collector, received transfer orders during his investigation stint on illegal beach mining. There is, however, no evidence to suggest that the transfer orders were influenced by Vaikundarajan’s political connections.

VV Minerals, while speaking to NDTV, denied these allegations and claimed that the charges made by the former district collector are baseless, motivated and vague.

A letter written by first District Collector, V Sundaram, to the Chief Secretary of the state in January 2013 accuses VV Minerals of illegal mining worth over Rs. 96,000 crores.

The letter also accuses state government departments of supporting VV Minerals, saying that the mining lease was given to them within 72 days, while the other companies still await for permission.

Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Mineral, was quick to dismiss these allegations as a conspiracy by its business rivals.

Ravindram Duraiswami, advocate for VV Mineral was quoted by NDTV, "Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival. Our hands are clear. We will come clean from these allegations.”

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Madras Court Stays Removal Of IAS Officer, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Stays Confident


Headlines have been buzzing over the ban of sand mining in South India. The allegations involving VV Minerals have frequently found itself at the center of news.

S Vaikundarajan, who established VV Minerals India in 1989, runs the company out of Tisayanvilai, a town 65 km from Tirunelveli city in south Tamil Nadu. The company has won several national awards for its contribution to the export business.

One of the reasons why little is known about VV Mineral Vaikundarajan is because of his media-shy personality. Local people recognize him as a simple man in white shirt and dhoti.

Following the allegations, the state had set up an investigating team. Recently, there has been a controversy surrounding one of the inquiry officers – IAS Gagandeep Singh Bedi.

According to sources, Mr Singh has been helping the business rivals of VV Minerals India. This directly affects the nature of investigation and was rightfully contested by VV Minerals.

In a new setback to the mining company, Madras High Court has stayed the removal of IAS officer Gagandeep Singh Bedi.

A relief came when Justice CS Karnan set aside 32 orders in favor of mining companies. He also berated government’s decision to cancel the licenses of the mining companies.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has been optimistic throughout the investigation and insists things will turn around for good.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Under Scanner But Innocent, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

S Vaikudarajan, the founder of VV Minerals India, is a simple man who prefers to keep a low-profile. For two decades, his mining company has operated without attracting any controversy.

Recently, accusations have been pointed towards the company’s operations. Former IAS officer V Sundaram has openly accused the company of looting 96000 crores through illegal mining. However, there is no evidence to support the statement.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan constantly finds himself pressurized under allegations of illegal sand mining and having strong political influence.

In the wake of these allegations, the state government has setup an investigating committee to look into these matters.

S.Vaikundarajan’s loyalists have come out strongly in support of the mining baron, ridiculing the business rivals for forging false allegations.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan is based out of Tisayanvilai town in Tirunelveli district in south Tamil Nadu. Donning a simple white shirt and dhoti, he is known to keep out of media attention. This is one of the reasons that there are no photographs of him on public forums.

In August 2011, auditors of VV Minerals stated that the company had not commenced operations as on March 2010 – the latest period for which accounts were available. 

VV Mineral Vaikundrajan maintains that these allegations are baseless. He further extends his support to the investigating team and assures that the result will be in his company’s favor.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

We Are Not Monopolizing Mining Industry All Accusations Stand False Until Proven VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

In recent times, Vaikundarajan and his mining company, VV Minerals India has been on the radar. A barrage of accusations of illegal mining has surfaced against the company. What is surprising that despite not proven guilty; fingers are constantly pointed at Mr. Vaikundarajan in a bid to defame his and company’s reputation.

One of these accusations is a letter written by Mr. Sundaram in 2013, addressed to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. The letter accuses VV Mineral of looting rare minerals through ilmenite mining. VV Minerals, which has been in the mining business for over two decades, is also falsely accused of having a political influence over the matter.

In the wake of these events, Vaikundarajan has voiced his opinion and called these allegations as baseless. He also adds, “VV Minerals has been in the mining industry since 1980s and has been run by the books. We are not monopolizing the mining industry. All accusations stand false until proven otherwise.”

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan assures his full support to the investigating committee and reaffirms his innocence in this matter. He also condemns the actions of those involved in these accusations.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Thursday, 30 July 2015

VV Mineral Vaikundarajn Upset Over Uncalled-For Raid Of VV Mineral Office


VV Mineral India which is a twenty years old mining company from the state of Tamil Nadu and is owned by a down-to earth man called Vaikundaraja, has recently been brought under the scanner for alleged illegal beach sand mining and export scam. However, the owner was left aghast when his office was forcefully raided.

India is tolerant country and the Indian laws surrounding crime and punishment are tolerant. Not just here but the world across an accused is treated as an accused and not guilty until proven.

Thus, it came as a rude shock to the simple man Vaikundarajan when the corporate office his endeavour, VV Mineral was unceremoniously raided.

The man and his company have been brought under the radar after a local collector suspected foul play and raised an alarm against the company.

However, VV Mineral and Vaikundarajan were cleared through a probe conducted by the Department of Atomic Energy.

And yet, the VV Mineral corporate office was raided by person claiming to be officials and refusing to divulge their identity of office.

Vaikundarajan and a VV Mineral spokesperson have announced that they have been stripped of necessary paperwork in the absence of a legitimate warrant or warning.

The matter has been challenged in the High Court of Tamil Nadu and remains to be concluded.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Not Involved In Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining In An State

When a two decades old company comes under the scanner for illegal heavy mineral mining there are only two ways in which the matter can be viewed. One, the claims are true and that party under the scanner is at fault. The other possible perspective is of the company being framed for its success by petty rivals.

S Vaikundarajan was a young man with an aspiration to start something of his own. He fell into the mining business around the time when the laws around heavy mineral mining and export had just begun to be formed and applied.

Up until early 80’s only the government indulged in heavy mineral mining. However, later on when it became possible for even private miners to indulge in heavy mineral export, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan was the first one to avail the benefits.

Being a self-motivated individual, Vaikundarajan has come a long way in becoming the pioneer of the mining industry and thus has earned himself a name, goodwill and inevitable rivals.

Thus, in 2013 the company and the down-to-earth man behind the success was brought under the scanner for alleged illegal beach mining activities.

Having found no basis in reality for the matter VV Mineral Vaikundarajan  continues to receive blame for not just illegal heavy mineral mining but illegal beach sand mining as well.

Vaikundarajan is also being held responsible for coastal erosion, health complications cropping up in mining villages and more.

However, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has challenged the matter in the state High Court and is hopeful of a positive outcome.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

VV Minerals India Has No Capabilities To Be Part Of A Thorium Scam


 VV Minerals India was thoroughly assessed by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and had been cited clean in their assessment report. The report clearly mentions that the mining company had no means of extracting thorium from heavy minerals laden sand.

VV Minerals India is a 20 year old mining company owned by S Vaikundarajan along with a few of his family members.

S Vaikundarajan and VV Minerals India have been the forerunners of the industry and thus have revered much regard as well as rivalry.

When a local collector in Tirunelvelli decided to inspect their premises without a legal warrant he raised a hue and cry of a possibility of a Thorium Scam.

To rest his suspicions to rest a legal look into was demanded of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and they reported VV Minerals India clean of any means to produce thorium, leave alone harbor a thorium scam.

Yet, VV Minerals India’s name continues to be used with callous abandon. By virtue of being a well-established mining company, VV Minerals India has no reason to be indulging in a thorium scam.

Also, since VV Minerals India has been in the industry for nearly two decades, they are well-versed with the rules and regulations on mining.

If the company did wish to extract thorium then they would do so in appropriate legal measure and definitely not initiate a Thorium Scam.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

VV Minerals Has No Reason Or Intent To Make Political Connections: S Vaikundarajan


VV Minerals India’s Chairman S Vaikundarajan has come forth rubbish rising rumours about connections between VV Minerals and political parties. He reiterates that the alleged illegal beach mining scam is an attempt to mar the legacy of VV Minerals and citing political connections is just another way of adding fuel to the fire.

VV Minerals India and its down-to-earth rustic owner, S Vaikundarajan were forced to be the centre of the media attention owing to allegations of illegal beach mining activities on their premises.

The company and its owner were quick to shrug off the allegations as baseless claims made by industry rivals in an attempt to challenge VV Mineral’s number one position.

To rest the rumours once and for all VV Minerals requested the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) to conduct a full-blown enquiry into their systems and procedures.

The DAE returned with reports clearing VV Mineral of any blame for illegally mining and exporting thorium since their equipment is capable of extracting thorium.

Thus, it was made amply clear that VV Minerals or S Vaikundarajan only indulge in the legal export of garnet, illmenite, sillimanite, rutile and zircon.

However, now claims are being laid on an alleged connection between the chairman S Vaikundarajan and the governing political party of Andhra Pradesh.

VV Minerals is calling this incidence an attempt in sustaining the negative image created recently in light of the illegal beach mining scam. However, S Vaikundarajan remains hopeful of a positive outcome in the matter.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Alleged Illegal Beach Mining Activities Uncovered in Tuticorin and Tirunelvelli

Introduction: Claims of illegal beach mining activities on the coasts of Tirunelvelli and Tuticorin by a local collector have raised havoc among the scientific communities of India and all are worried for the nuclear future of India as a country. VV Minerals and Vaikundarajan extend their support to the Government of India in these trying times.

A regular premise check went awry when a collector of Tuticorin was refused entry on a mining company‘s premises since he did not carry a legitimate search warrant.

Since that day until now various illegal beach mining scams have come to fore and scientific communities along with the energy official of Government of India (GoI) are now facing an energy crisis.

As per the three phases in which India was to lay out its nuclear building plan has now been pushed behind owing to the mass transport of sand from various parts of the country.

However, there is no concrete basis on which the claim of an all out scam can be quantified. However, VV Minerals and S Vaikundarajan would like to extend their support in whichever way possible to the GoI in these confusing times.

Scientific communities across the country are now worried about the path of India’s nuclear future and are claiming that a lot of plans may have to be pushed behind owing to the increasing stigma around mineral mining and use of nuclear products.

Due to the alleged scam expose a lot of loopholes in the laws around nuclear minerals have come to fore, causing a straight out atmosphere of chaos.

VV Minerals
and S Vaikundarajan expressed their shock and disappointment on hearing the matter and are willing to support the official in resolving the chaos.

Friday, 5 June 2015

VV Minerals Is Far From Indulging In Illegal Beach Mining: S Vaikundarajan

Illegal Beach Mining, Vaikundarajan
Introduction: S.Vakundarajan’s VV Minerals has been dragged into a controversy that is fast spreading and enjoying attention across all media channels. The alleged illegal beach mining that was accidentally ‘discovered’ by a collector is at best an exercise in rival mud-slinging and no more.

S.Vaikundarajan’s VV Minerals is a mining company that has been a forerunner in the industry for nearly two decades and has never had a reason to turn to the ways of illegal beach mining.

Over the years of their functioning they have grown with the times and employed various eco-friendly processes that are beneficial to the surroundings of their mining areas as well as the process of mining itself.
Illegal beach mining is for those companies who do not have a standing and feel the need to resort to unethical practices. On the other hand VV Minerals has always been on the correct side of the law.

They have always maintained a great record and even won national, international and regional accolades for their quality, quantity and ideology of work.

On the basis of VV Mineral’s clean history, it seems almost absurd that the beach mining giant is now being pulled into an illegal beach mining scam at the hands of ignorant officials.

Vaikundarajan remains confident that his business rivals have come together and really applied themselves to bring to life a fictional scam.

After the AERB has cleared us and declared that we do not have the machinery or the expertise to process thorium legally or illegally, there remains very little reason for VV Minerals to be blamed for illegal beach mining.

Friday, 29 May 2015

VV Mineral's Vaikundarajan 96K Crore Scam Is A False Accusation

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan have repeatedly issued public statement stating the fact that they have no connections with any political party or person. They remain staunch on their stand of being an independent mining company being framed owing to their envious success.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Thorium Scam Is More Real On Paper Than In Reality: VV Mineral


VV Minerals Vaikundarajan says that they were caught at a vulnerable and opportune time in the last 20 years when their licensing renewal was in a flux. However, even if the licensing reissuing has been deferred the thorium scam of the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining is a calculative conclusion on paper and does not have a shred of relation to the reality of the matter at hand.

VV Minerals was brought under the scanner at a time when the company had lapsed on renewing a few licenses. In the business world this may be viewed as just a one-off administrative slip-off.

However, owing to the success of the mining company in the last 2 decades which has been pricking their rivals and so many have come together to cause a successful defamation of the company and those involved.

VV Minerals India has been in the mining business for twenty years and is well aware of the benefits it has to offer in sense of business. However, they have always practiced caution in remaining well within the limits of legal laws.

As per a report submitted by Prof Rajamanickam the monazite from Manavalakurichi contains 12% thorium and that Manavalakurichi is home to world’s 30% thorium deposits. According to World Nuclear Association (WNA), the global body of nuclear industry, India is home to 3,00,000 tonnes of thorium deposit.

Thus, on paper strictly the value of the 30% thorium reserves of the world at Manavalakurichi is 720 times more than the 2G spectrum scam. This should thus prove that the figure of 96,000 crores which is attached to this alleged illegal mineral mining thorium scam is actually a calculated figure and has no existence in reality at all.

Another interesting point made by Prof. Rajmanickam is that the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) controls the sand along the coastline because of the presence of elements like zircon, thorium and ilmenite out of which other than thorium all other minerals can be officially extracted and exported by anyone who holds a legal license to do so.

To prove that this is a definite framing of VV Minerals here’s a quote from a mineral scientist - H Nell’s research paper

“Heavy mineral deposits often contain relatively high levels of radioactive elements (thorium and uranium). It is difficult to obtain clean separation of ilmenite and monazite and physical intergrowths of the two minerals are not uncommon. As a result, ilmenite concentrates obtained from such deposits often contain high levels of thorium and uranium.”

Thus VV Minerals India wants to know that if monazite is an unavoidable byproduct of legal mining processed then what point of content is it on which they are basing their claims of a thorium scam?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Rs. One Lakh Crore Is A Grossly Exaggerated Amount For A Scam

Although it is understood that the heavy minerals that come under the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining scam are expensive and rare. It still does not make sense that the scam will amount to so much money. S Vaikundarajan of VV Minerals India has rubbished this claim and said even financial projections cannot scope out such a large amount of money to be involved.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

We Are Selling Necessary Minerals To Markets Around The Globe

Introduction: S Vaikundarajan brings to everyone’s notice that the minerals that they extract and export are essentials in producing everyday household objects. He rubbishes the rumours about scamming the country for minerals that he was not even aware of until smeared with claims of an alleged scam. Which in addition to the matter, he is sure is an effort in defaming his enviably successful organisation, VV Minerals India

VV Mineral is a two-decade-old company and has been mining beach sand on the Kanyakumari, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu coasts. We don’t have the technology to separate thorium from monazite, a rare earth ore found in the area.

Even the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has put us in the clear on that matter. VV Mineral India extracts and exports garnet and ilmenite to 20 countries, including Australia and the US. 

Nuclear scientists in India have been working on an indigenous technology to utilise thorium, widely available on the southern sea coast, in nuclear power plants. And for the very same reason the Jawaharlal Nehru government has banned all private mining companies from extracting or dealing in a whole list of rare earths.

“VV Mineral does not process monazite if the government claims that it is automatically generated during the mineral separation process in the form of tailings then it is an aspect of mining that they should have thought of much earlier”, says Vaikundarajan.

Indian Rare Earth Ltd (IREL) on the other hand uses the sand from the same area and produces thorium in Manavalakurichi. 

“Without questioning IREL’s disposal methods, VV Mineral stopped receiving permits for mining but we have challenged the matter in the High Court,” , says Vaikundarajan.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Coastal Erosion Affected Tuticorin Coast And Not Heavy Mineral Mining

Coastal erosion is a natural phenomenon that cannot be disregarded or discounted. S Vaikundarajan throws light on the many reasons that can cause a shoreline in any part of the world to erode and succumb to natural and environmental changes rather than man made interventions like heavy mineral mining.

Vaikundarajan VV Mineral India says, “Coastal erosion is the wearing off of beach by wave action, drainage or high winds, tidal currents and or wave currents. Waves, generated whether by storms, winds, or fast moving motor crafts, cause coastal erosion.”

Such occurrences cause long-term loss of sand and rocks or a temporary redistribution of coastal sands in one location to another.

“Depending on whether the beach is sandy or rocky the erosion patterns will vary. Varying types of coastlines have varying types of erosion patterns”, says Vaikundarajan

A softer beach with sandier sediments causes that beach to erode easily. However, if a beach is rocky then it may cause in what is called beach expansion since the wave action converts rocks to sediments and then to sand.

Thus, rocky beaches seem to expand and soft sandy beaches seem to erode over long periods of time. The erosion of a coastline also depends on how much water the sand can hold. If a sandy beach does not restore water then more and more sand is washed off such a beach.

Thus Vaikundarajan concludes that VV Mineral India’s heavy mineral mining alone cannot be held responsible for the beach erosion caused on the Tuticorin coastline.

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Ambiguity in Naming The Other Culprits is Questionable: Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan


S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Minerals - a heavy mineral mining company which recently got pulled into a whirlwind scam regarding illegal heavy mineral mining; points out that other than his company no name of the “other companies” that are allegedly involved in the scam have been mentioned in the media. In his opinion this is directly suggestive of the false and malicious nature of the scam.

When VV Minerals of Tuticorin got pulled into the scam of illegal heavy mineral mining, its chairman S Vaikundarajan has continually defended their position with a simple premise of business rivalry.

Vaikundarajan opines, “If the government has been irresponsible and given out licenses to only  a select few big wigs in the mining industry then how is it that all reports read VV Minerals and a few other companies? Does this not clearly seem like an effort to sabotage our reputation?”

There is proof to prove the basis of this scam. There is no FIR registered in the local stations. We have every right to deny entry to any person walking in to our private property without proper permissions.

All our mining license have been gathered, proven to be legitimate and are all issued by legitimate government bodies too.

The local government regulatory boards are well aware of our activities concerning heavy mineral mining. However, labelling our business as that of illegal heavy mineral mining is absolutely absurd.

“We would request to know the names of these other companies. Since if only our company is involved, the matter cannot be regarded as a scam but an act is selective targeting”, concludes Vaikundarajan

Friday, 10 April 2015

Illegal Sand Mining Is Not A Problem In Tamil Nadu Alone, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

The year 2013 was full of discoveries. A whole lot of illegal beach sand mining scams came to the surface and all involved by their own fault or others misunderstanding were brought under the governmental as well as the media radar. However, it is interesting to see that not Tamil Nadu but other states have also been suffering from alleged illegal beach mining.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

VV Mineral Sillimanite Is Considered Outstanding, Globally

Sillimanite is extracted using high temperature. It is found in aluminium-rich-vicinities. Owing to the processes followed at VV Mineral, India under the close watch of Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral; the sillimanite produced is of outstanding quality and is in high demand, globally.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Shore Line Eroding At Turicorin Coast Isn’t Caused Of Illegal Sand Mining: VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan


Beaches are not a permanent feature of a sea landscape. Sand is always getting removed and added back. These changes can often seem drastic during a year.

The drastic changes need not be attributed to illegal sand mining alone but can also be explained by the frequency of storms or other such natural phenomenon.

“If we are to look at this ecologically, is sometime thus happens that a beach erodes since the supply of sand to it cannot keep up with the loss of sand caused due to sea tides,” says VV Mineral,

Sand is transported from beaches not just for mining purposes but also for construction and many other industries also use sand in their work. Sand also gets carried inland via rivers and streams.

The damming on waterways also reduces the supply of sand onto beaches. Sand also gets transported from beach to beach along a shoreline. However, this is mostly a redistribution of sand that happens continuously.

Another increasing reason for sands to be taken away by the sea in large amounts is encroachment on beaches. When encroaching, the sea lashes against people's property which is built to try and stop the encroaching sea.

The use of seawalls, jetties, etc. have a detrimental effect on beaches since the sea water reaches and "bounces" off with more energy and washes off more than normal amounts of sand beach. The same can be considered to be true of the Tuticorin coastline.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

We Don’t Possess The Technology To Participate In A Thorium Scam: Vaikundarajan, VV Mineral

VV Mineral has been in the business of exporting precious minerals to various countries since the 1990’s and has thus stayed abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

VV Mineral owns many official licences for mining heavy minerals not just from state authority bodies but even central authority bodies. They owe this arrangement to their successful exporting of necessary materials bringing big dividends to the state’s development through this.

Other than being one of the largest beach sand mining organisation, VV Mineral is also one of the largest company to have provided extensive job opportunities to the locals of the coasts from which they operate their large business.

In addition to offering extensive job opportunities to the youth of the areas they operate in they have also managed to increase the general standard of living of the area. They have brought in medical facilities and improved schooling and living conditions of their employees.

VV Mineral cares not just about their employees but also the environment in which they work. They ensure that the best practices are adhered too and no end of the business bears a brunt of the risky nature of their business.

Vaikundarajan allegedly the man behind the thorium scam seems to have brought a lot of precious improvements to the state and its people. It is only through the exporting of precious minerals that he and VV Mineral have been able to do that.

And thus he concludes, “When our company is so heavily dependent on man-power and advanced machinery strictly related to our minerals of interest; it is beyond me as to how we could possibly indulge in the thorium scam as has been repeatedly suggested by many?”

Thursday, 12 March 2015

VV Minerals Ensures All Their Disposal Processes Are Eco-Friendly


Observation of environmental laws and safeguarding nature are primary concerns for any and every industry that closely deals with natural resources. Mining is no exception to this and the industry comes with its own set of safeguarding and regulatory necessities.

VV Minerals which has been dealing with heavy mineral mining and export for nearly a decade and a half, has been self-minding and conscious right from the start. The company has ensured that all the mandatory and necessary protocol is executed.

To give a wholesome idea of what the company indulges in to keep mother nature happy and thriving, here’s a list down attempt that introducing the processes followed.

As and when needed, VV Mineral creates an Environment Impact Assessment report and submits to the government to obtain Environment Clearance for each operation area licence from the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

They use cheap and eco-friendly methods such as sun drying, windmill and gasifiers to ensure that the resultant pollution of these processes are kept under check. VV Mineral uses RO filtered and thus, recycled water that reduces the consumption of fresh water

VV Mineral is the only beach mining company in Tamil Nadu which possesses a prescribed environment cell with quality environmental engineers. The cell boasts of sophisticated environmental lab facilities which are capable of analysing ground water levels, pollutants and helps study and implement Environment Management Plans in mining areas.

VV Mineral avoids chemical usage for mineral separation to reduce health hazards. They have also successfully replaced fossil fuels with electric dryers. They have set up of wet and dry plants near the mining areas to reduce transportation thereby bringing in eco-friendly environment.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral Falsely Accused Of Illegal Mining Worth Rs 96k Crore

VV Minerals has been receiving repeated flak from government officials long before the Tuticorin collector, Kumar’s supposed expose of the organization. Vaikundarajan rivals also claim that the former IAS officer V Sundaram has long been trying to defame the not-so-known man behind VV Minerals. He repeatedly laid claim that despite the simplicity with which Vaikundarajan lives his life, he is actually the brain behind monopolising the geography and geology surrounding his location of business.

VV Minerals has been working in mining for over a decade and since the past couple of years V Sundaram has written letters to everyone from the industries secretary to the chief secretary, CBI director, Central Vigilance Commissioner and even the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission.

However, Vaikundarajan’s well-wishers are confident that this is most probably a paid exercise in which the single-minded aim is the defamation of the man who stays out of the media glare of his own choice. They claim that this is a devious step on part of the rivals of VV Minerals and others who are willing to side with them for monetary reasons.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Federation States That Closing Down Heavy Mineral Mining Industry Caused Losses To Companies like VV Mineral And 50,000 People

Taking after the boycott forced on the substantial heavy mineral mining industry because of assertions of acts of neglect on more than 20 private players like VV Mineral, a business of around 50,000 families is said to be distressed. The organization of shoreline mineral maker's affiliation has engaged the legislature to lift the boycott.

Their grounds for lifting the ban is because as this is a work escalated industry the boycott won't just affect the mining organizations, but also a tonne of nearby individuals living in zones where mining is directed. This will likewise also hamper the worldwide exchange and the purchasers may settle for different nations since the supply is chopped down from India.

Private mining organizations like VV Minerals claimed by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, was blamed for being included in a thorium trick. Be that as it may after the examination was finished it was observed that the trick was a deception and it was planted by a gathering of diggers in an individual contention with the denounced mining organizations.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

VV Titanium Pigments (Branch Of VV Minerals) Plans Rs. 100 Cr Expansion


The leading producer and exporter of Anatase grade Titanium Dioxide, VV Titanium Pigments, a part of VV Group, is planning to invest Rs.1000 million into a Coated Rutile Plant. This expansion is a part of its strategy to widen the industry.

This is one of the largest investments made by any private entity exclusively for meeting the demand of discerning Indian Tio2 consumers. The Coated rutile plant is expected to be operational by 2016 first quarter.

The state-of-the-art plant will be environmentally sustainable as there will be less dependence on water, following the company’s motto of keeping a environmentally friendly sustainable plant. This is its second huge foray into the industry after VV Group acquired Kilburn Chemicals, currently known as V V Titanium Pigments at Tuticorin.

The new plant will cater exclusively to the Indian market and will be beneficial to the indigenous paints and plastic industry that depends on exports from China, Japan and western countries.     

VV Minerals is the leading company that indulges in heavy mineral mining in Tuticorin is VV Minerals India. They are India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet. They have been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. They also undertake Zircon Mining, Rutile Mining and Ilmenite Mining.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

VV Minerals, India Directing Shoreline Mineral Mining Exercises

For an organization that began in 1989, VV Minerals, India, has made a tonnes of progress. The Tamil Nadu based organization is a maker of heavy minerals which are secured from shoreline sands. Thus, the substantial mineral mining organization understands the annihilating impact mining can have on nature.

Throughout the years, VV Mineral, has constantly attempted to direct their business in a way which helps individuals of the state as well as practices its business in an eco benevolent way which doesn't dissolve the soil. Knowing very well, the impacts of mining, the organizations approach has been to secure individuals around the different locales. It additionally strives to ensure the earth by performing exercises like water preservation, power era and afforestation. From various perspectives, the organization besides harvesting financially profits for both the nation and itself is continually giving natural repayments to the nation.

In the last few months, contenders have been blaming VV Mineral for leading unlawful substantial mineral mining exercises. These unmerited allegations have been ended up being false and off base as the organization doesn't have the innovation to discrete thorium from monazite.

VV Minerals conducts shoreline sand mining for minerals, for example, rutile, garnet, zircon, and ilmenite.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

UPA Might Be A Part Of Rs.48 Lakh Crore Thorium Disappearance, But VV Minerals Is Not Involved

When the Thorium Scam first made the headlines, many firms were raided in Tamil Nadu. One of these firms, was VV Mineral Mining.  This raid made lot of controversy and the collector of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu was transfered. Many blamed UPA government for his transfer. However, VV Minerals were never a part of any 48 lack crore scam and no evidence of illegal beach mining was found in this raid.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Water Conservation In Heavy Mineral Mining Activities Of VV Mineral

Water is the most vital assets among the others found on earth. It is the premise of human presence. Water albeit bounteously accessible today won't generally be accessible. Along these lines a venture to save water is the venture to secure what's to come.

In the event that each individual requires the push to preserve water today, it will provide for us a superior shot of survival later. Water protection is a process that can decrease the lack of water. It means to enhance the effectiveness of utilization of water, and decrease misfortunes and waste. VV Mineral Group observed World Water Day in there organization.

Substantial mineral mining exercises oblige a considerable measure of water as it includes washing courses of action of the mineral sands.

VV Mineral, Mining is India's biggest Mining, Manufacturer and Exporter of Garnet & Ilmenite. Secured in 1989, the organization have attained to huge piece of the pie in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA. It is family developed business began by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group of organizations.

VV Minerals India is an environment-accommodating association which has taken different strides through the years to preserve water through savvy utilization of water in its operations. Being a water cognizant organization, VVM does not utilize crisp water as a part of mining process and does not utilize chemicals as a part of its focus plants. Because of it’s proceeded with endeavors, VV Minerals is now sparing more than 1.2 million KL water consistently. They additionally utilize wind factories to create power.

Friday, 16 January 2015

VV Minerals In The Clear Even Though Raids On Mining Sites Reveal Large-Scale Violations

VV Minerals a Tamil Nadu based heavy mineral mining company has been accused for conducting illegal activities in their business. Still the company stands stern to fight back the allegations put on them and proudly states that they aren't GUILTY.