Friday, 29 May 2015

VV Mineral's Vaikundarajan 96K Crore Scam Is A False Accusation

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan have repeatedly issued public statement stating the fact that they have no connections with any political party or person. They remain staunch on their stand of being an independent mining company being framed owing to their envious success.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Thorium Scam Is More Real On Paper Than In Reality: VV Mineral

VV Minerals Vaikundarajan says that they were caught at a vulnerable and opportune time in the last 20 years when their licensing renewal was in a flux. However, even if the licensing reissuing has been deferred the thorium scam of the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining is a calculative conclusion on paper and does not have a shred of relation to the reality of the matter at hand.

VV Minerals was brought under the scanner at a time when the company had lapsed on renewing a few licenses. In the business world this may be viewed as just a one-off administrative slip-off.

However, owing to the success of the mining company in the last 2 decades which has been pricking their rivals and so many have come together to cause a successful defamation of the company and those involved.

VV Minerals India has been in the mining business for twenty years and is well aware of the benefits it has to offer in sense of business. However, they have always practiced caution in remaining well within the limits of legal laws.

As per a report submitted by Prof Rajamanickam the monazite from Manavalakurichi contains 12% thorium and that Manavalakurichi is home to world’s 30% thorium deposits. According to World Nuclear Association (WNA), the global body of nuclear industry, India is home to 3,00,000 tonnes of thorium deposit.

Thus, on paper strictly the value of the 30% thorium reserves of the world at Manavalakurichi is 720 times more than the 2G spectrum scam. This should thus prove that the figure of 96,000 crores which is attached to this alleged illegal mineral mining thorium scam is actually a calculated figure and has no existence in reality at all.

Another interesting point made by Prof. Rajmanickam is that the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) controls the sand along the coastline because of the presence of elements like zircon, thorium and ilmenite out of which other than thorium all other minerals can be officially extracted and exported by anyone who holds a legal license to do so.

To prove that this is a definite framing of VV Minerals here’s a quote from a mineral scientist - H Nell’s research paper

“Heavy mineral deposits often contain relatively high levels of radioactive elements (thorium and uranium). It is difficult to obtain clean separation of ilmenite and monazite and physical intergrowths of the two minerals are not uncommon. As a result, ilmenite concentrates obtained from such deposits often contain high levels of thorium and uranium.”

Thus VV Minerals India wants to know that if monazite is an unavoidable byproduct of legal mining processed then what point of content is it on which they are basing their claims of a thorium scam?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Rs. One Lakh Crore Is A Grossly Exaggerated Amount For A Scam

Although it is understood that the heavy minerals that come under the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining scam are expensive and rare. It still does not make sense that the scam will amount to so much money. S Vaikundarajan of VV Minerals India has rubbished this claim and said even financial projections cannot scope out such a large amount of money to be involved.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

We Are Selling Necessary Minerals To Markets Around The Globe

Introduction: S Vaikundarajan brings to everyone’s notice that the minerals that they extract and export are essentials in producing everyday household objects. He rubbishes the rumours about scamming the country for minerals that he was not even aware of until smeared with claims of an alleged scam. Which in addition to the matter, he is sure is an effort in defaming his enviably successful organisation, VV Minerals India

VV Mineral is a two-decade-old company and has been mining beach sand on the Kanyakumari, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu coasts. We don’t have the technology to separate thorium from monazite, a rare earth ore found in the area.

Even the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has put us in the clear on that matter. VV Mineral India extracts and exports garnet and ilmenite to 20 countries, including Australia and the US. 

Nuclear scientists in India have been working on an indigenous technology to utilise thorium, widely available on the southern sea coast, in nuclear power plants. And for the very same reason the Jawaharlal Nehru government has banned all private mining companies from extracting or dealing in a whole list of rare earths.

“VV Mineral does not process monazite if the government claims that it is automatically generated during the mineral separation process in the form of tailings then it is an aspect of mining that they should have thought of much earlier”, says Vaikundarajan.

Indian Rare Earth Ltd (IREL) on the other hand uses the sand from the same area and produces thorium in Manavalakurichi. 

“Without questioning IREL’s disposal methods, VV Mineral stopped receiving permits for mining but we have challenged the matter in the High Court,” , says Vaikundarajan.