Tuesday, 31 March 2015

VV Mineral Sillimanite Is Considered Outstanding, Globally

Sillimanite is extracted using high temperature. It is found in aluminium-rich-vicinities. Owing to the processes followed at VV Mineral, India under the close watch of Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral; the sillimanite produced is of outstanding quality and is in high demand, globally.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Shore Line Eroding At Turicorin Coast Isn’t Caused Of Illegal Sand Mining: VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan


Beaches are not a permanent feature of a sea landscape. Sand is always getting removed and added back. These changes can often seem drastic during a year.

The drastic changes need not be attributed to illegal sand mining alone but can also be explained by the frequency of storms or other such natural phenomenon.

“If we are to look at this ecologically, is sometime thus happens that a beach erodes since the supply of sand to it cannot keep up with the loss of sand caused due to sea tides,” says VV Mineral,

Sand is transported from beaches not just for mining purposes but also for construction and many other industries also use sand in their work. Sand also gets carried inland via rivers and streams.

The damming on waterways also reduces the supply of sand onto beaches. Sand also gets transported from beach to beach along a shoreline. However, this is mostly a redistribution of sand that happens continuously.

Another increasing reason for sands to be taken away by the sea in large amounts is encroachment on beaches. When encroaching, the sea lashes against people's property which is built to try and stop the encroaching sea.

The use of seawalls, jetties, etc. have a detrimental effect on beaches since the sea water reaches and "bounces" off with more energy and washes off more than normal amounts of sand beach. The same can be considered to be true of the Tuticorin coastline.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

We Don’t Possess The Technology To Participate In A Thorium Scam: Vaikundarajan, VV Mineral

VV Mineral has been in the business of exporting precious minerals to various countries since the 1990’s and has thus stayed abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

VV Mineral owns many official licences for mining heavy minerals not just from state authority bodies but even central authority bodies. They owe this arrangement to their successful exporting of necessary materials bringing big dividends to the state’s development through this.

Other than being one of the largest beach sand mining organisation, VV Mineral is also one of the largest company to have provided extensive job opportunities to the locals of the coasts from which they operate their large business.

In addition to offering extensive job opportunities to the youth of the areas they operate in they have also managed to increase the general standard of living of the area. They have brought in medical facilities and improved schooling and living conditions of their employees.

VV Mineral cares not just about their employees but also the environment in which they work. They ensure that the best practices are adhered too and no end of the business bears a brunt of the risky nature of their business.

Vaikundarajan allegedly the man behind the thorium scam seems to have brought a lot of precious improvements to the state and its people. It is only through the exporting of precious minerals that he and VV Mineral have been able to do that.

And thus he concludes, “When our company is so heavily dependent on man-power and advanced machinery strictly related to our minerals of interest; it is beyond me as to how we could possibly indulge in the thorium scam as has been repeatedly suggested by many?”

Thursday, 12 March 2015

VV Minerals Ensures All Their Disposal Processes Are Eco-Friendly


Observation of environmental laws and safeguarding nature are primary concerns for any and every industry that closely deals with natural resources. Mining is no exception to this and the industry comes with its own set of safeguarding and regulatory necessities.

VV Minerals which has been dealing with heavy mineral mining and export for nearly a decade and a half, has been self-minding and conscious right from the start. The company has ensured that all the mandatory and necessary protocol is executed.

To give a wholesome idea of what the company indulges in to keep mother nature happy and thriving, here’s a list down attempt that introducing the processes followed.

As and when needed, VV Mineral creates an Environment Impact Assessment report and submits to the government to obtain Environment Clearance for each operation area licence from the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

They use cheap and eco-friendly methods such as sun drying, windmill and gasifiers to ensure that the resultant pollution of these processes are kept under check. VV Mineral uses RO filtered and thus, recycled water that reduces the consumption of fresh water

VV Mineral is the only beach mining company in Tamil Nadu which possesses a prescribed environment cell with quality environmental engineers. The cell boasts of sophisticated environmental lab facilities which are capable of analysing ground water levels, pollutants and helps study and implement Environment Management Plans in mining areas.

VV Mineral avoids chemical usage for mineral separation to reduce health hazards. They have also successfully replaced fossil fuels with electric dryers. They have set up of wet and dry plants near the mining areas to reduce transportation thereby bringing in eco-friendly environment.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral Falsely Accused Of Illegal Mining Worth Rs 96k Crore

VV Minerals has been receiving repeated flak from government officials long before the Tuticorin collector, Kumar’s supposed expose of the organization. Vaikundarajan rivals also claim that the former IAS officer V Sundaram has long been trying to defame the not-so-known man behind VV Minerals. He repeatedly laid claim that despite the simplicity with which Vaikundarajan lives his life, he is actually the brain behind monopolising the geography and geology surrounding his location of business.

VV Minerals has been working in mining for over a decade and since the past couple of years V Sundaram has written letters to everyone from the industries secretary to the chief secretary, CBI director, Central Vigilance Commissioner and even the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission.

However, Vaikundarajan’s well-wishers are confident that this is most probably a paid exercise in which the single-minded aim is the defamation of the man who stays out of the media glare of his own choice. They claim that this is a devious step on part of the rivals of VV Minerals and others who are willing to side with them for monetary reasons.