Monday, 28 July 2014

Hoping For A Better scenario In The Mining Industry Unlike Earlier, S Vaikundarajan

VV mineral Vaikundarajan
India is endowed with great mineral and sand resources in high quantities which have the potential to cater to the entire world’s market and VV Minerals is one of the leading private heavy mineral mining companies. However this resource is not fully tapped due to several reasons believes S Vaikundarajan. The present Indian mining policies are not in compliance with the practical conditions which is barring the growth of this industry. There are several factors like lack of port infrastructure and power supply that come in way of mining activities and end up in raising operational costs substantially.

The laws of the government pertaining to the mining industry do not consider the needs of the trade and lack of awareness and clarity among officials continues to hamper the development of this sector. Mining is such a lucrative industry in India which if carefully developed will yield high returns and also help in poverty alleviation, generating employment and economic growth. Therefore S Vaikundarajan hopes that the new government will surely look into the needs of this particular sector and help in its development.

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