Tuesday, 5 August 2014

MEAI Joins Vaikundarajan In His Plea For A Favourable Mining Environment In India

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
India as a country has rich mineral reserves that can be utilised for heavy mineral mining. However, the industrial scenario is somehow not quite welcoming for the investors in this field which is reason enough for this industry to not fully prosper and flourish as opposed to how it should. MEAI which is a leading body of mining professionals has also joined S. Vaikundarajan in his request to the government to improve the present scenario in the mining industry.  They have put forward that there should be new industrial policies stating mining to be of utmost priority in the mineral bearing belts.

Currently, the forest department has been creating quite some problems to the mining companies by claiming land on these mineral bearing belts and alleging that the land is for shelter bed development.  VV Minerals Chairman, S. Vaikundarajan who is one of the major players in this industry has clearly stated this as an upcoming problem. S. Vaikundarajan also mentioned that the government regulations are completely nonviable which result in increasing the cost of production leading to unfavourable trade. Therefore, the need of the hour is that the government takes a step forward in maintaining favourable regulations in the mining industry.

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