Friday, 21 November 2014

Importance Of Mining Explained By VV Mineral, Subramanian
Without heavy minerals, a vast range of everyday domestic and vital industrial products would just not exist. On an average day you will probably come in contact with atlease 100 items that have been manufactured from industrial minerals. Modern aircraft, ships and defence industries are highly dependent on rutile, zircon and TiO2 products to meet their manufacturing demands.

The Managing Director of VV Minerals, India, Mr. V. Subramanian once in an interview said, “Without mining, manufacturing industry would soon collapse like a pack of loose cards”.

None can disagree with this because if there is no mining there can be no industries. Everything from a tiny bolt to industrial fuel like diesel is generated from mining.

Besides, heavy mineral mining is an eco-friendly industry which is free from air, water and noise pollution.

However, the under utilization of heavy minerals in India has resulted in poor exposure in the international markets. If India is to tap more of the natural resources available to us, the economic gains will be exceptionally high.  Out of 7500 km seashore in india only 40 km of beach stretch is available for heavy mineral mining

VV Mineral, V. Subramanian is the son of Mr. S. Vaikundarajan who founded this company in the year 1989. Since then, they have achieved great success in the industry, locally as well on global fronts.

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