Monday, 20 April 2015

The Ambiguity in Naming The Other Culprits is Questionable: Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Minerals - a heavy mineral mining company which recently got pulled into a whirlwind scam regarding illegal heavy mineral mining; points out that other than his company no name of the “other companies” that are allegedly involved in the scam have been mentioned in the media. In his opinion this is directly suggestive of the false and malicious nature of the scam.

When VV Minerals of Tuticorin got pulled into the scam of illegal heavy mineral mining, its chairman S Vaikundarajan has continually defended their position with a simple premise of business rivalry.

Vaikundarajan opines, “If the government has been irresponsible and given out licenses to only  a select few big wigs in the mining industry then how is it that all reports read VV Minerals and a few other companies? Does this not clearly seem like an effort to sabotage our reputation?”

There is proof to prove the basis of this scam. There is no FIR registered in the local stations. We have every right to deny entry to any person walking in to our private property without proper permissions.

All our mining license have been gathered, proven to be legitimate and are all issued by legitimate government bodies too.

The local government regulatory boards are well aware of our activities concerning heavy mineral mining. However, labelling our business as that of illegal heavy mineral mining is absolutely absurd.

“We would request to know the names of these other companies. Since if only our company is involved, the matter cannot be regarded as a scam but an act is selective targeting”, concludes Vaikundarajan

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