Thursday, 30 July 2015

VV Mineral Vaikundarajn Upset Over Uncalled-For Raid Of VV Mineral Office

VV Mineral India which is a twenty years old mining company from the state of Tamil Nadu and is owned by a down-to earth man called Vaikundaraja, has recently been brought under the scanner for alleged illegal beach sand mining and export scam. However, the owner was left aghast when his office was forcefully raided.

India is tolerant country and the Indian laws surrounding crime and punishment are tolerant. Not just here but the world across an accused is treated as an accused and not guilty until proven.

Thus, it came as a rude shock to the simple man Vaikundarajan when the corporate office his endeavour, VV Mineral was unceremoniously raided.

The man and his company have been brought under the radar after a local collector suspected foul play and raised an alarm against the company.

However, VV Mineral and Vaikundarajan were cleared through a probe conducted by the Department of Atomic Energy.

And yet, the VV Mineral corporate office was raided by person claiming to be officials and refusing to divulge their identity of office.

Vaikundarajan and a VV Mineral spokesperson have announced that they have been stripped of necessary paperwork in the absence of a legitimate warrant or warning.

The matter has been challenged in the High Court of Tamil Nadu and remains to be concluded.

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