Friday, 29 July 2016

Mining Scam Allegations Against VV Mineral Surface Without Any Proof

VV Minerals is the largest producer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite minerals in India. Founded in the late 1980s by S Vaikundarajan, the company has established itself as one of the leading sand beach mining companies in the country. However, the efforts of two decades have been jeopardised by the recent allegations of illegal mining against the company.

The allegations were further aggravated when V Sundaram, the first district collector of Tirunelveli, sent a letter to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. The letter targeted VV Mineral and accused it of amassing several crore rupees through illegal sand beach mining.

The director of VV Mineral Mining, V Subramanian, dismissed all the allegations as a conspiracy theory against the company. “Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival... Our hands are clear. We will come out clear from these allegations. Our records are straight,” Ravindram Duraiswami, advocate for VV Mineral told NDTV.

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