Thursday, 24 November 2016

50 Villages In Ajmer On Development Road, Says Vaikundarajan

Over 50 villages in the district of Ajmer have been identified by the local authorities as mining-affected areas. The managing committee of Mineral Foundation Trust found that these villages suffer heavily due to lack of health and educational reforms. The villages are not connected by good roads and there is a shortage of drinking water. “To curb these problems, the managing committee will issue a programme where 10% of the royalty on minerals will be dedicated to the betterment of the villages,” informs Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India.
Ajmer is known to be the leading mining regions in the state for quartz, phosphorous, lead, building stones and similar minerals. Most villagers here work in the mines. The shortage of water affects the health of villagers and children in a great way. At this point, setting up a programme to improve the lifestyle of villagers and get them the basic requirements is the need of the hour.

“Taking all of this into consideration, the district administration has proposed ways to improve the health facilities, pollution control system and school education for children. The proposal will be presented to the council of the foundation,” adds Vaikundarajan. 

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