Thursday, 17 April 2014

Logistics At VV Mineral

V.V. Mineral the country’s leading heavy mineral mining company began its journey in the year 1989. Over the years V. V. Minerals has grown in every aspect of their business. With various awards and expansion activities, V.V. Mineral holds number one position in India. 

We have a wholly-owned fleet of trucks, tippers, dozers, and trailers move the raw materials and finished products on time. Different types of vehicles are deployed for different transportation needs, including bulk material transportation.

For handling bulk bags, they own a full-fledged crane and forklifts to help in the handling of FIBC bags in the warehouse and for loading onto the containers. Such mechanization has ensured increased handling capacity and safer handling. In addition, in-house stuffing under the strict supervision of our quality control department enhances the safety aspect.

There are three big warehouses situated near by Tuticorin Sea port i.e. 5 km of the loading berth of the seaport - is the nerve center of our export operations with a capacity to store 300,000 - 450,000 metric tonnes of heavy minerals in our warehouses. With such a high capacity storage space near to the port, VVM assures quick and large shipments.

V.V. Mineral, India is a prestigious mining firm in Tamil Nadu which has the highest production and export rate of Garnet and Ilmenite annually.

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