Friday, 18 April 2014

What is Sustainable Mining

Sustainability in resource use and allocation is vital to the economic and social welfare future of the global community. Management of environmental resources such as land, fossil fuels, water and air will become increasingly important – forcing nations to do more with less.

Sustainable mining practices should be decided keeping in mind that present generations’ needs should not be adversely affecting the future. They also should maintain equilibrium in the eco-system. Rate of depletion of non renewable resources should be judicious. There should be minimum adverse effects to the environment.

Before mining the most important exercise, to be carried out very faithfully is prospecting and exploration. Prospecting is pre mining stage operation mainly confines to sufficient evidence of mineral occurrence in respect of shape, size, quantity, quality and economics.

Exploration is a dynamic process and continues during subsistence of mining period. It is expected it should lead ahead of mining operation for consistent updating the mineral reserve.

V.V. Mineral, a heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu is one the leading companies that conduct the mining activities in a sustainable effort and indulge in activities that are held for  the conservation of natural resources and energy. For example, VV Mineral uses sea water concentration plants to save fresh water as well as use wind as a renewable energy to generate power through wind turbines.

V.V Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group.

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