Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Acquisition Of Kilburn Chemicals Brought A Major Hike To VV Mineral: Vaikundarajan Subramanian

Heavy Mineral Mining
According to a recent interview with India Infoline on 28th May 2014, Mr. V Subramanian, the son of S. Vaikundarajan stated that the takeover of Kilburn Chemicals was a major event which lead to VV Minerals becoming the first private mineral producer for TiO2 products in India. With his vast experience in the heavy mineral mining industry, Mr. Subramanian was proud to be one of the few 3 to 4 companies in the world to have their own mine production for Tio2.

He believes that this take over took the company to higher edge from being just a mining company to a pigment producer.  This event not only adds value to their minerals but also provides employment, earn higher foreign exchange, and mark an Indian presence in Tio2 market which is dominated by China and western countries.

VV Minerals, India also sees this event as an opportunity to get a better insight of the global markets and allows them to expand their operations in the pigment market. Probably one day even dominate in global markets. VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan is based in Tamil Nadu. Their mine sites are mainly based in Tuticorin and Tisayanvilai. Currently they hold number one position for ilmenite mining, and Garnet mining. They are also the number one garnet exporters of the country.

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