Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Licenses Required For Operating Mining Activities For Beach Minerals In India

The following permissions are clearances are required in order to set up mining operations and processing plants for beach sand minerals in the coastal areas in India:

The opening of the mining operations for beach sand minerals in the coast and the setting up of the processing plants involves the need for following permissions/ clearances.


State Government- Grant of Mining Lease[s] for 30 years.

Indian Bureau of Mines- Approval of Mining Plans

Pollution Control Board-

     [a] Environment Clearance

     [b] Consent for Establishment [c] Consent for Operation

IV .State Coastal Zone Management Authority & Ministry of Environment &Forests, {MoEF}, N.Delhi

Coastal Regulation Zone [CRZ} permission from the MoEF


[A]TN Pollution Control Board-

              [a] Consent for Establishment under both Water & Air Acts

              [b] Consent for Operation under both Water & Air Acts

These clearances are to be obtained afresh, whenever there are changes in the expansion, modifications in the process etc.


              [a] Handling license for radioactive minerals

              [b] Training of Personnel in handling the minerals & Safety regulations

VV Minerals India, a private mining manufacturer and exporter of heavy minerals in Tamil Nadu, complies with all the above licenses and has attained all the necessary permissions for setting up their mining plants.

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