Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Life Works Of Vaikundarajan

VV Mineral Vaikundarajn
Vaikundarajan hails from a jaggery maker’s family, but 25 years ago, he decided to break away from the family business and started something of his own which was unconventional. He set up VV Minerals in the year 1989. With just a humble turnover of 64 lakh per anum, VV Minerals, India, started off as a small scale company. Today, it is one of the biggest exporters of heavy minerals in India with a turnover of over 900 crore.

Mr. Subiah Vaikundarajan owes his success to his father, as he walked the journey of life on principles laid down by him. He feels that India is not utilizing the resources gifted to us by nature. He describes the scenario as a criminal waste of minerals, as these minerals will not stay on the shores for too long. The constant action of waves and wind will transport them back to the sea. They will settle on the shores of some other country and they will reap the benefits of our riches.

Despite being awarded as the largest Garnet manufacturer by the government Vaikundarajan believes that the amount they have manufactured is very insignificant compared to what exists on the beaches.

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