Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Products Of VV Mineral, A Private Heavy Mineral Mining Company Owned By S. Vaikundarajan

VV Minerals
VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan is 2 decades old heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu. They are the nation’s leading miners and exporters of heavy minerals. They have a humongous output of about 700000 metric tones of heavy minerals gathered over 40 km of beach stretch in Tisayanvilai.

VV Minerals mines and manufactures mostly 4 products. The main mineral is Garnet which is found in abundance on these beaches. They also extract ilmenite and rutile which are used in making Titanium dioxide pigments. Lastly, they also deal with mining and processing minerals like Zircon, Sillimanite and Leucoxene.

About 7000 acres of mineral rich sand is present in the mining areas, which makes VV Minerals leaders in the industry. They are the first private company in India holding granted license for Mining and Exporting of Ilmenite from the Government of India.

Garnet Abrasive is mainly used for Water Filtration, Sand Blasting, Water Jet Cutting, Surface Preparation and other applications. Ilmenite is mainly used for manufacturing Titanium dioxide pigment, Titanium slag and other products; Rutile is mainly used for Welding Electrode , Titanium metal and pigment industries and Zircon for the production of opacifiers, glazes and frits, floor and decorative tiles, sanitary ware, glass and steel refractory, metal castings and specialised glass. Also, Sillimanite is used in refractories

VV Minerals, India is part of a larger company known as VV Group of Companies, all owned by S. Vaikundarajan. VV Minerals also has other directors, namely, V. Subramanian, S Jegatheesan and J Muthurajan.

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