Tuesday, 24 January 2017

CSR initiatives taken by VV Mineral

Established in 1989, V.V. Mineral is India's largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Garnet & Ilmenite. V. V. Mineral was founded by Mr. S.Vaikundarajan, Chairman and Managing Director. The company's selfless expression in every minute detail is revealed in their approach to issues involving social responsibility.

VV Mineral does a lot for the society, especially for the schools as a part of their CSR initiative
1. To collect the requirements from school and our localities
2. Order materials as per their requirements
3. Distribute all required things to schools and students.
4. Conduct medical camp in required villages and find out health issues of 
5. Arrange further treatment in our health centre at free of cost.

a)      VVM’s CSR program will enhance the education level which will be useful for those parents who can't afford to educate their children. VVM distribute Notebooks every year by collecting the data’s from the localities and fulfil their requirements.

b)      Normally, the other company will give money to the needy /poor students to go to school. But many parents will use that money for their own purpose instead of sending the children to school. So VVM decided to buy notebooks & stationeries and give it to the needy students directly in school.

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