Wednesday, 18 January 2017

VV Mineral – a socially Responsible Organization

To begin with VVM had initially started with issuing free note books to the underprivileged and needy students in and around of processing plant area and other required areas too.
After the successful completion of this activity every year, VVM has done the following new projects as well subsequently in part of our corporate social responsibility
a)      Free medical camp in the villages
b)     Free medical treatment through our VV Health Centre
c)      Interest free loan to coastal village women to motivate them to start self group industry
d)     Construct compound wall to required school
e)      Free Land issued to construction of Water tank in Navalady village, Radhapuram Taluk
f)    Free Land issued to construction of Community Hall for conducting functions, events by village with free of cost.
g)      Free solar lamp provided to college students
h)     Free toilet facility provided to village people

It doesn’t end here. The company has given a ray of hope to a lot of children by sponsoring their education. It’s rare to see companies indulge in such activities and also doing it so humbly that the world is unaware of their good deeds. It’s organizations like these that make world a better place to be!

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