Thursday, 19 March 2015

We Don’t Possess The Technology To Participate In A Thorium Scam: Vaikundarajan, VV Mineral
VV Mineral has been in the business of exporting precious minerals to various countries since the 1990’s and has thus stayed abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

VV Mineral owns many official licences for mining heavy minerals not just from state authority bodies but even central authority bodies. They owe this arrangement to their successful exporting of necessary materials bringing big dividends to the state’s development through this.

Other than being one of the largest beach sand mining organisation, VV Mineral is also one of the largest company to have provided extensive job opportunities to the locals of the coasts from which they operate their large business.

In addition to offering extensive job opportunities to the youth of the areas they operate in they have also managed to increase the general standard of living of the area. They have brought in medical facilities and improved schooling and living conditions of their employees.

VV Mineral cares not just about their employees but also the environment in which they work. They ensure that the best practices are adhered too and no end of the business bears a brunt of the risky nature of their business.

Vaikundarajan allegedly the man behind the thorium scam seems to have brought a lot of precious improvements to the state and its people. It is only through the exporting of precious minerals that he and VV Mineral have been able to do that.

And thus he concludes, “When our company is so heavily dependent on man-power and advanced machinery strictly related to our minerals of interest; it is beyond me as to how we could possibly indulge in the thorium scam as has been repeatedly suggested by many?”

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