Thursday, 12 March 2015

VV Minerals Ensures All Their Disposal Processes Are Eco-Friendly

Observation of environmental laws and safeguarding nature are primary concerns for any and every industry that closely deals with natural resources. Mining is no exception to this and the industry comes with its own set of safeguarding and regulatory necessities.

VV Minerals which has been dealing with heavy mineral mining and export for nearly a decade and a half, has been self-minding and conscious right from the start. The company has ensured that all the mandatory and necessary protocol is executed.

To give a wholesome idea of what the company indulges in to keep mother nature happy and thriving, here’s a list down attempt that introducing the processes followed.

As and when needed, VV Mineral creates an Environment Impact Assessment report and submits to the government to obtain Environment Clearance for each operation area licence from the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

They use cheap and eco-friendly methods such as sun drying, windmill and gasifiers to ensure that the resultant pollution of these processes are kept under check. VV Mineral uses RO filtered and thus, recycled water that reduces the consumption of fresh water

VV Mineral is the only beach mining company in Tamil Nadu which possesses a prescribed environment cell with quality environmental engineers. The cell boasts of sophisticated environmental lab facilities which are capable of analysing ground water levels, pollutants and helps study and implement Environment Management Plans in mining areas.

VV Mineral avoids chemical usage for mineral separation to reduce health hazards. They have also successfully replaced fossil fuels with electric dryers. They have set up of wet and dry plants near the mining areas to reduce transportation thereby bringing in eco-friendly environment.

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