Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Mineral Falsely Accused Of Illegal Mining Worth Rs 96k Crore
VV Minerals has been receiving repeated flak from government officials long before the Tuticorin collector, Kumar’s supposed expose of the organization. Vaikundarajan rivals also claim that the former IAS officer V Sundaram has long been trying to defame the not-so-known man behind VV Minerals. He repeatedly laid claim that despite the simplicity with which Vaikundarajan lives his life, he is actually the brain behind monopolising the geography and geology surrounding his location of business.

VV Minerals has been working in mining for over a decade and since the past couple of years V Sundaram has written letters to everyone from the industries secretary to the chief secretary, CBI director, Central Vigilance Commissioner and even the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission.

However, Vaikundarajan’s well-wishers are confident that this is most probably a paid exercise in which the single-minded aim is the defamation of the man who stays out of the media glare of his own choice. They claim that this is a devious step on part of the rivals of VV Minerals and others who are willing to side with them for monetary reasons.

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